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ya dont know what you have till you lose it by BlakeSWAG
ya dont know what you have till you lose it
depressing songs makes a depressing blake 

lol i was so into this then i slowly drifted away at the coloring
what is this, came back to deviantart for a facebook kind of thing??… Link to BonSquishy 's raffle.  Raffle has points and customs going on so hell yeah i want some points

Its still not too late to join! tomorrow is the last day so I recommend you join now or never P:
[ ] You have more than 1000 watchers. (not even 200 :c)
[ ] You have more than 5000 points. ( poor as fuck )
[ ] You have at least one famous friend. ( I think ren is slowly getting there since she is getting more watchers and is very active and creative :U ) )
[ ] You own a premium membership. ( I wish >:U )
[ ] At least 6 famous people watch you. :C
Total:  0

[ ] You have a style that looks much than someone others. ( atleast I don't think so?? )
[ ] You own tons of adoptables from famous artists. ( :'P )
[ ] Your design earning high score is over 2000 points ( I don't do shit )
[X] You have an 'original' closed species. ( bought it for a dollar haha )
[ ] You have or had a relationship where you only know your partner through deviantart.  ( if by relationship is like a mate then nooo )
Total: 1

[ ] You have a partner icon with someone. 
[ ] Many people want to be your friends. ( hell yeah )
[X] You hoard adoptables and never use them. ( the ones I have have no love )
[ ] The drama blog on tumblr has written about you. ( nah they just mentioned my name XD )
[/ ] Famous people buy your commissions or designs. ( two are or were famous at some point )
Total: 2 1/2

[ ] You are not straight.

[ ] You are not sure about your gender / transsexual / other. (genderfluid :l )
[x] You once spammed your page with a fandom you're in. ( i think its still spammed )
[] You often do giftart for famous people. ( nah )
[ ] You know what's "in" in deviantart right now. ( im the outcast man )
Total: 3 1/2

[ ] People think you are arrogant. ( im as sweet as a pie )
[ ] You always write in the small font size. ( nah hear me loud and clear >:C )
[x] You have a cute username, like one word or two words together, no numbers. ( c/: )
[x] The most of your characters are feline or canine. (pure canines except for maybe 3 ponies/horses )
[ ] You know what elite-adopt-group were and were invited to one of the many groups. ( ?? )
Total: 5

Now multiple your total with 4 and write "I'm __% into deviantArt" in your title.

0%-20% You're new into dA or high age. Good job, dude. ( :''c ) the shame D:

21%-40% Slowly getting into dA or aging. Beware. 

41%-60% Oh oh, someone tries to get into it or already is. Leave before it gets you.

61%-80% You're already into dA and becoming famous. Prepare for drama attacks.

81%-100% You're a typical dA child, congratulations. You are a drama queen and some people are really annoyed from you.
I am to let you know I don't do commissions since 1937 , so this is a great opportunity!!

I will have only three positions open for the two types of Art Slaves.:

Art Slave for three months would be $50 and will include:
-3 Full drawings ( with background/shading/details/etc. ) 
-12 flat drawings 
-and up to 50 random doodles of your characters
Unlimited number of characters can be drawn 

Art Slave for 12 months would be only $100 and will include:
-12 full drawings
-40 flat drawings
-and an unlimited number of random doodles! c:
Unlimited number if characters can be drawn

ask me for any available position you want to take! 
$50 for 3 months:
$100 for a whole year:

reason for this would be cause I need the money to start paying for my pup.  He will need training sessions, grooming services, vaccines, and other additional stuff like a new container for his food and augh everything neccessary to have him live decently :P


United States


✚✚ call me Blake if you want✚✚
✜I love animals and mostly draw them✜
✚✚ I own a Bamboo Create Tablet ✚✚
✜is dumb✜
✚✚give llama, get llama✚✚
✜is bilingual: english/spanish✜
▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
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Blakewolf by Fuchsianess
Interests… Link to BonSquishy 's raffle.  Raffle has points and customs going on so hell yeah i want some points

Its still not too late to join! tomorrow is the last day so I recommend you join now or never P:

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